Establishing new preventive medicine diagnostic and treatment standards.

  Founded in 1986, BIO|ANALOGICS is an Oregon based biomedical corporation. The company has been built on the philosophy that there is now a significant "shift" of health care focus and investment away from the pursuit of expensive end-stage treatments of disease, and toward the areas of health risk appraisal, preventive intervention and wellness promotion. We further believe that for many chronic diseases, nonpharmacologic nutrition & exercise prescriptions should provide the foundation upon which further treatment is based. This "shift" is creating a new health care paradigm and generating rewarding new business opportunities.

  The company's focus is the development and marketing of scientifically valid, patented and proprietary software & hardware systems that are aimed at establishing new diagnostic standards and prescription methods for all facets of preventive health care. BIO|ANALOGICS has distilled this philosophy into the elegant, practical, affordable and easy to use Health Management System.